Reject OMERS “Shared Risk Indexing” Concession

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E-Action Letter

Subject: Reject OMERS “Shared Risk Indexing” Concession

Dear OMERS Sponsor Corporation Board Member,

I’ve been counting on having guaranteed indexing in my retirement. Guaranteed indexing gives Plan members like me the certainty that our pension will keep pace with increases in the cost of living and will not shrink in real dollars. Removing this guarantee means I will face a less secure retirement.

Please do not eliminate my guaranteed indexing. This is a concession for OMERS members and lets employers off the hook. I understand that if Plan Member Reps on the Board of Directors stand united against this proposal, we can defeat it!

Vote NO to “Shared Risk Indexing” and protect our guaranteed indexing.


“Your Name”
Member, CUPE Local 416 / Toronto Civic Employees Union

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